Fighting against counterfeit goods being imported into Russia

A separate business unit of TM DEFENCE Legal Services provides services in fighting against imported counterfeit goods.

As a first step, our lawyers offer to include a trademark in the register of intellectual property of the Federal Customs Service, which will allow monitoring of imported goods for signs of counterfeit products, and their declarants, senders and recipients. If necessary, we will take action to prevent release of such goods and will initiate an administrative or criminal case if necessary.

Along with suppressing the importation of counterfeit goods, we offer our clients a range of measures to combat the proliferation of counterfeit goods that are already in the country.

This set of measures is currently of particular importance in connection with Russia’s upcoming entry into the Customs Union. Now, borders of countries that are leaders in producing counterfeit goods have gotten closer to Russia’s own customs borders.

We successfully represent interests of our clients throughout the Customs Union; provide market as well as reputation protection for our clients against low-quality, illegal, counterfeit products.