In Moscow was extended the arrest of the commander of the reconnaissance of Donetsk People's Republic Lysakovsky

Chertanovskaiy court  in Moscow on Thursday extended the home arrest of the commander of the intelligence group of self-proclaimed People's Republic of Donetsk  Dmitry Lysakovsky (he is known by the call sign "Goodwin"), accused of fraud.

Thus, the petition of the investigation was satisfied, home arrest  of Lysakovsky was extended for  three months - until October 20.

Earlier, media reported that Lysakovsky is suspected in an attempt to raider capture of an old mansion on the Gogolevsky boulevard in downtown of Moscow. At the time of his arrest Lysakovsky did not recognize his  guilt . In submissions to the court, Lysakovsky called commander of the GRU of the General Staff Intelligence of Donetsk People's Republic  and the official representative of the self-proclaimed republic in the International Criminal Court.

Meanwhile, the former head of the Defense Ministry of Donetsk People's Republic Igor Strelkov  (Girkin) believes that the arrest Lysakovsky ( nicknamed Goodwin) was the holding of the Congress of Representatives of New Russia.