In Moscow on suspicion of raiding arrested the commander of intelligenceDonetsk People's Republic

According to "Kommersant", in Moscow was arrested the commander of aerial reconnaissance unit of Donetsk People's Republic Dmitry Lysakovsky suspected of involvement in the raider attacks,

According to the Investigative Committee of Russia, the 36-year-old, Lysakovsky nicknamed Goodwin was a direct participant of a raider capture of the building on the Gogolevsky boulevard in Moscow. Arrested charged with attempted fraud on a large scale.

July 7 Lysakovsky was taken to Chertanovskiy  court.

Judge Julia Chernikova, took into account that the suspect have four  children (officially he is single), and in May 2014, he was appointed chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Donetsk People's Republic and the representative of the unrecognized republic in the International Criminal Court at the United Nations, and is now the intelligence officer. The judge Imposed on him only a home arrest.

It is noted that Lysakovsky did not consider himself guilty