Why seminars are needed

It’s quite simple. We believe that full-fledged professional growth is impossible on personal experience alone. Along with improving professional skills, our work assumes that we can navigate through all the subtleties and possibilities of modern legislation. The rules to the game are constantly changing, and one can only stay up-to-date on the latest changes only by maintaining a constant dialogue with professionals in all spheres of our business. In addition, the seminars are an excellent opportunity for uninhibited communication with a potential client. Anyone can ask a question to a participating expert. Often such meetings lead to mutually beneficial cooperation. That is why TM DEFENCE Legal Services conducts more and more of these types of events and tries to participate in as many conferences around the world as it can.

We are very proud that we have sponsored the 5th and 6th World Congress on combating counterfeiting and piracy. Both events were completely unique for the participants. We were able to bring together owners of global brands, heads of international organizations and government agencies, as well as representatives of companies that provide services for protecting intellectual property. Both congresses were assessed by the participants as being extremely useful to the industry as a whole.

These same high ratings were given to our own seminars, conducted in France. The first of these was held in Paris in March 2010. It was attended by heads of major Russian state organizations, including the Russian trade representative in France, Ivan Prostakov. In July of the same year, our law office held another seminar in Lyon. In the roundtable, leaders of large and medium-sized businesses in France were able to ask questions relating to the Russian legal system, as well as to discuss some of the “pitfalls” associated with entering the Russian market.